Infrared Therapy Air Compression Body Massager

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Standard Voltage






Find out what the buzz is about:
Chronic varicose veins
   venous insufficiency
blood Bleeding disorder caused by disease
frozen shoulde
Anyone who needs to relieve fatigue and relax muscles
It is a professional masseur around you.
The air wave massager consists of 4 air bags. In turn, it is inflated and deflated by the tim
ing cycle of air bag. It constantly changes the pressure point of the limb. It peri
odically inflates the air bags of the extremities to promote venous return. Treatment for pr
eventing venous thrombosis
The air wave massager is inflated through a multi-cavity, and has a rhythmic aerated infla
tion and squeezing. Deflating. Forms a cyclical pressure on the limb.. Arrives to promote
venous return. Strengthens arterial perfusion. Improves blood and lymph circulation. Pre
vents venous thrombosis Eliminate edema and promote healing treatment. It can not mo
ve for the limbs and has better quality effect.






1. Super Quiet Compressor
The noise is a nightmare for most of patients. This unit is designed with super quiet compressor. So it 
can release even power but with lowest sound. The body feels more easy and comfortable.
Super quiet compressor: international quality compressor, excellently quiet.
Time setting function: time setting for massaging from 0-30 minutes.
Adjustable pressure: Adjustable pressure as user's wish.
2. Multi Use for LEG & Feet Massaging
The unit can massage the leg acupoints and relax the leg muscles, promote blood circulation, and ea
se the leg fatigue maximumly. 
3. Arm massaging, spread shoulder and wrist
The unit can massage arm, hand, and wrist because of it super long design; Air pressure rolling mass
aging is a very needed help in your life. 
4. Perfect Cutting
Concise PU surface, smooth zipper, and harmonic symmetry give a perfect visual sense because of p
1, the instrument is powered
2, select the "sleeves", prior to use, set off wearing jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets, etc.) to avoid da
mage to equipment, including mobile phones and other pocket.
3, the "sleeve" zipper pull,
4, according to their need to set the time and pressure
Model: RB07
Time setting: 0-30 minutes
Voltage: 220 (110V needs to be customized)
Size: Free code (leg sleeve, thigh more than 60 size, please contact customer service)
Power: 80W
Applicable people: the elderly, pregnant women, people with reduced mobility, numb hands and feet, etc.
A: 1* air pump + 1 * leg
B: 1* air pump + 1 * leg +1 arm
C: 1* air pump + 2 * leg
D: 1* air pump + 2 * leg +1 * belt
E: 1* air pump + 2 * leg + 1 * belt +1 arm

Detailed steps for product use




              Home pneumatic massager, through repeated repeated restart of the balloon, the formation of the body to meet the cycle of pressure, from the distal limbs to the body of the brocade, uniform and orderly extrusion, promote blood and lymph flow, and improve Microcirculation, accelerated limb blood reflux, help prevent the formation of thrombosis, prevention of limb edema, can be directly or indirectly prevent the blood circulation of the disease, the sleeve made of TPU material for home, hotels, beauty salons, hospitals, etc. place




1, product composition

Controller, inflatable tube, upper limb sleeve, lower limb sleeve, massage pad and so on

2, the technical scope
Pressure range: 20-240HG
Time adjustment range: 0-30 minutes
Rated voltage: AC220V (if you need 110V, please contact us in advance)
Rated power: 30W

3, to adapt to the crowd
Chronic diseases caused by the disease, nerve pain, frozen shoulder, hand, foot numbness, stroke, after the sequelae, etc.



4, product features

♦ the air wave can provide from the toes to the thigh of the root of the all-round massage, the use of massage pads, you can lean on the massage pad, increase gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation, the better
♦ compared with other electronic massage, physical beat massage, air pressure massage more comfortable
♦ massage speed and heart rate is similar, so feel more relaxed
♦ pressure massage to avoid the electrode, the risk of burns
♦ only need to unplug the plug, you can exhaust the product
♦ the pressure adjustment button, can more easily adjust the intensity of massage
♦ treatment time according to physical condition, can be self-regulation
♦ structural fastening, low noise, small vibration
♦ writing, compact design, save space



5, use the method


♦select the appropriate sleeve or massage pad, the sleeve or massage pad connected with the controller, put on the sleeve before, please remove the arm, cut off, necklace, etc., otherwise it may damage the body, or the product Scratches
♦ turn on the power, turn on the power switch
♦ ready according to their needs to set the time and massage intensity, massage pad work 12 hours later, you must stop 2 hours to start again

♦ note

♦ acute inflammatory skin disease, cardiac insufficiency, deep thrombophlebitis, pulmonary edema, acute venous thrombosis, unstable hypertension, etc., prohibit the use of products
♦the instrument should be placed in a clean, and temperature place
♦ when children, injuries, disabled people use the instrument, there should be closely guarded
♦ to ensure that the cable away from heat, such as the cable or plug damage, can not work, please stop using
♦ do not use in the outdoors
♦in the place of aerosol treatment or oxygen treatment, please do not use the device
♦please do not connect the host with other instruments
♦ the use of finished, all the adjustment button off, and then unplug the power
♦can not be close to the sleeve heat source, needle, scissors and other sharp objects, otherwise it may damage the sleeve or cause a fire, do not use the sleeve should be placed in a clean place, winter, do not store at low temperatures, May be bad



1,Choose the parts you need to use, paste the Velcro



2,Connect the trachea to the device and press the key to turn on the device



3,Select the appropriate strength (not recommended the highest choice), and set the massage time



Belt use method





Arm use method





Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Model Number: RB07
Size: Multi Size SML
Material: Non-woven
Application: Body
Brand Name: DISIYING
Features1: Infrared therapy
Features2: Air wave massage
Features3: Promote blood circulation
For people: Everyone
Pressure range: 20-240-20hg
time setting: 0-30min
Voltage: 220V

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