Health Care Mini Handheld Ultrasonic Nebulizer Inhaler Children/Adult Asthma Care

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This is a high quality Ultrasonic Nebulizer, it is easy to use,lightweight, two air flow control. Suitable for all ages.


Treatment :The respiratory system is an open system, the liquid is decomposed into small molecules, the material form

is extremely active, acting on the trachea, bronchus, bronchioles can easily be absorbed, so as to achieve the treatment of

respiratory disease was effective ; Prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of human organs.


Health care:Oxygen acts as carrier and drug to form medicine oxygen solution, increases oxygen content after

inhalation by the human body, improves tissue anaerobic metabolism, corrects acidosis and excretion function, improves

blood supply of heart, brain and lung tissues, oxygen supply, enhances human body Immune Function.


Beauty : Atomized particles directly penetrate the epidermis, rapidly increase the degree of skin hydration, enhance

material permeability, soften the pores in the oil, remove pores and other dead skin cells and other obstacles, so as to

achieve the purpose of excreting the skin smooth and keep the skin Ruddy, shiny, delicate, enhance skin elasticity, anti-



Package Content


1 x Portable Nebulizer


2 x Mask (Big & Small


5 x Atomization cups                              


2 x Rodent spigot


1 x Connect Tube                                   


1 x DC 12V Transformer(EU Plug or US plug)


1 x English Manual


Do you have these symptom and agony?


①Sore throat ②Fever  ③Catch cold  ④Cough  ⑤Bronchitis or Asthma ⑥Dry skin etc.



ELERA Health Care Asthma Inhaler


Quiet treatment,more relaxed for you and baby



Large Amount of Atomization



One Button Operation  Two Air Flow control




Portable   Easy  and   Convenient


Two Types of Plugs

US Plug or EU Plug


Suitable for All Ages

One machine for all family members






1.Put the adapter through the interface of electrical source, and turn on the power.


2.When the green light on,it's at standby condition.


3.The "red" light will on when press the "mode" button, and it's large amount of atomization.


4.The "red-green" light will flash alternatery when press the "mode" button again,and it's small amount of atomization.


5.It can manually stop when you press the "mode" button for the third time.


6. When the machine stop working automatically and if there is residual atomized liquid in the medicine cup, you can repeat


the above step.


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1.Remove the retaining cap   2.Remove the cover and apron drug

3.Add water to the vessel (About 3-5CM)   4.Pour drug into the med cup(About 2-3CM)

5.The medicine cup into the aqueous chamber,put white apron   6.Close the retaining cover

7.Connect the power supply,Press the power switch   8.The installation is complete, start using










1. Atomization Volume 0.375ml/min.: 20mins Timing Automatically


2. Atomization Volume 0.35ml/min.: 10mins Timing Automatically


3. Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.2MHz


4.Size of Atomized Particle:0.5~5 Micron


5. Output Voltage: DC12V


6. Cup capacity: 10ml


7. Vessel capacity: 25ml


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